Taking Action on Housing Affordability: A focus on rental housing

Leaders at every level of government in every region of the country have identified housing as a critical challenge to Canadians’ quality of life and our local economies in 2019.

Amidst an emerging national conversation on how to improve access to housing for Canadians in a range of incomes, cities have an important role to play in ensuring the supply better meets the growing demand.

Specifically, this meeting of The Urban Project will tackle an important component of the housing system: rental housing— and how it can be affordable, high-quality and accessible to all sorts of households.

The event will bring together ideas and experiences from the across the public sector, the private sector, and academia to creatively tackle the complex issues driving the disconnect between rent levels and incomes.

The event will generate unique perspectives and ideas, focused on the need to stimulate construction and make rental housing more accessible for Canadians at every economic level.


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