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Cities and Innovative Economies

Edmonton, AB
November 2018

What are ‘innovative economies’? What is an innovative economy in the urban context? How do current finance and governance arrangements support or hinder innovation in cities? And above all: How do we work together to ensure more good ideas are driving the future of Canadian cities?

The intersection of fiscal policy, scientific advancements, and social progress are where we might find solutions to these questions.

The evidence is clear: cities and communities are crucial to Canada’s economic success. In fact, cities and communities are Canada’s hubs of growth and innovation, managing two-thirds of the public infrastructure that supports the Canadian economy.

As key drivers of economic development, how are Canada’s cities innovating in our increasingly knowledge and technology-based world? And what can policy makers, civil society and private sector actors be doing together to ensure that Canada remains an innovation leader in the global economy? The Urban Project will tackle these questions in its inaugural gathering in Edmonton, Alberta. With the help of participants from all corners of civil society, the Urban Project will generate the ideas Canada needs to boost innovation at the local level. This is where action begins.