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Transit, Mobility and Road Safety

Gatineau, QC
February 2020

How we think about urban mobility is rapidly shifting, as residents increasingly turn to public transit and active transportation as a part of their daily routines.

Canada’s cities are at the forefront of this shift, and are faced with a diverse range of opportunities and challenges in sustainable transportation.

This meeting of the Urban Project will explore the policy solutions and implementation strategies necessary to move forward on transit optimization and build out safe active transportation networks, drawing on the expertise of participants from across the public sector, academia and civil society.

On transit optimization, participants will explore opportunities for cost-effectively improving service levels and increasing ridership through innovative deployment and management of surface transit. How have cities effectively increased ridership through bus priority or other transit priority projects? What is the role of federal and provincial policies, programs, and funding in supporting transit optimization alongside network expansion?

The event will also look at key questions around active transportation and how cities can effectively implement sustainable strategies for increasing modal shift. What are the most significant barriers to expanding and improving active transportation networks, and how can they be overcome? Are there new approaches that can help cities achieve Vision Zero? What role should governments, civil society and community leaders and others play in accelerating culture change within cities towards sustainable transportation and integrated mobility? By bringing a diversity of perspectives together, this event will focus cities and stakeholders on common objectives, and provide guidance for action going forward.